Tuesday, July 2, 2013

KRA Corporation Volunteer Staff Help Make Adult Education Seminar Successful

Recently  in the town of Vernon, about 15 miles east of Hartford, the Vernon Regional Adult Based Education (VRABE) Department hosted a Job-Search Skills Development Seminar, the first of its kind for the region.

The 12 adult students attendees were treated to three training sessions, two of which were presented by KRA Business Services Representatives from KRA/CTWorks One-Stop Centers, North Central Connecticut Region Charles Botts, III and Myrna Fienman.

Focusing on Professional Attire and Interviewing Techniques, Fienman’s interactive session invited small groups of students to tackle commonly asked questions, practicing their responses, and also discussed the do’s and dont’s of dressing for interviews.

Fienman followed the group activity by providing useful information on the types of interviews they might encounter, and her thoughts on how best to respond to some of the more challenging questions

Fienman remarked, “The group was very engaged and interacted throughout the entire morning. They asked really good, focused questions of the facilitators and were taking a lot of notes.”

Botts, a Certified Workforce Development Professional and Certified Professional Resume Writer, presented the latest Tools and Techniques for Writing a First-Class Resume. Stressing the five essential sections of an effective résumé, and the required information for each section, Botts also discussed the  importance and value of including accomplishments. In wrapping his workshop up, he offered an overview of the use and effectiveness of LinkedIn as a tool to develop a “virtual” résumé.

The workshop had an almost immediate impact with students relaying how they would amend their job-search strategies based on the information and tips they received during the workshops. The KRA team of Fienman and Botts provided another layer by providing information on KRA/CTWorks as well as the additional job-search and work-readiness services offered through the One Stops.

Jim Sendrak and Christine Vincent, the VRABE Seminar organizers, said this of Botts and Fienman’s workshops:
“Participant feedback was extremely positive! Your presentations were right on and professional.  It appeared that the class paid close attention to everything you had to say. Everyone was so pleased with the turnout and the way it all came together. We look forward to repeating the event in the near future.”

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