Tuesday, July 16, 2013

KRA Corporation’s Haynes Recognized by KRA/VIEW Client

A KRA Corporation employee and Lead Instructor for the KRA/VIEW program serving TANF recipients in Norfolk, Virginia was recently recognized for her national accomplishment in the official newsletter of the Norfolk Department of Human Services.

In their June 30, 2013 issue of Have You Heard, the NDHS—for which KRA operates the Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare (VIEW)—ran the headline “National Customer Service Award Goes to KRA/VIEW‘s Tiffany Haynes.”

In recognizing the Jodie Spiegel Enhancement of Customer Service Award bestowed on the Instructor Supervisor for the KRA/VIEW Job Readiness Program (JRP) at this year’s National Association of Workforce Development Professionals conference, the article was full of praise for her abilities stating: “She has exhibited distinct customer-service skills and abilities, building relationships that reflect a true advocacy for the workforce development profession.”

The article also went on to pay tribute to Haynes’ contributions saying: “Under Ms. Haynes’ leadership, the JRP’s reputation as a rather formal job-skills training program has been transformed and re-born as a holistic learning experience, fueled by Ms. Haynes’ positive synergy, superb customer service, and engaging instructional style. Ms. Haynes exhibits leadership qualities in managing the class-room environment, coalescing community resources, and creating innovative instructional programs.”

Haynes, who wears many hats, serving as the Corporate Coordinator for KRA’s 4th Annual Community Care Day Campaign (CCDC), Support Our Troops and now as coordinator the 2013 CCDC initiative, Support Our Local Hospitals, had this to say about her recognition: “I was really excited—and appreciative—when I saw the article!  I consider it a true honor that our client, NDHS, chose to include me in their newsletter.”

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